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Steve Brown 9/19/2020, 6:52 PM (ET) By the way, that 138 species on our cumulative list includes 23 WARBLER SPECIES. That's a LOT of warblers!
Steve Brown 9/19/2020, 6:35 PM (ET) Come on everybody! Let's get some ebird lists submitted in Kentucky. I just checked and we have 138 species so far. We need to beat our Spring meeting total. Let's get to 200+ species!!
Steve Kistler 9/19/2020, 1:15 PM (ET) GREAT program, David Lang. Thanks for sharing.
Scott Marsh 9/19/2020, 11:33 AM (ET) I loved Freya’s video. I believe we need to make a clear and evident statement on our website. Everyone is welcome.
Joan Carr 9/19/2020, 9:24 AM (ET) (from birdky listserv) What a wonderful “photo ode” to birders!! And a joy to behold. Thanks a lot to you who made it possible. Great job.
Cheers, Joan of Art and Nature (Carr)
Carol Friedmam (Muz) 9/18/2020, 10:52 PM (ET) Oh, Pam Spalding (and all your cohorts).... THAT WAS REALLY SOMETHING! We all needed that uplifting look at ourselves absorbed in our favorite pastime.
Excellent! Bravo!
Linda Crager 9/18/2020, 8:51 PM (ET) Thanks to all the folks that have put this together. Am loving it so far. Barn owls are a favorite, but have only seen them in captivity. Hope to see one in the wild. Very informative program. Janet's onarch program was delightful. Great job, Janet. I have had 28 Monarch caterpillars on my Butterfly weed this year. Hope I get a few more.
Saving the rest of the meeting until tomorrow. :-)
Barbara Brand 9/18/2020, 4:05 PM (ET) Great start to the weekend! Loved "Birders just want to have fun"!! Saving a few to watch tonight-too beautiful to be on my phone all day-gotta watch birds!
Thanks to everyone!
Linda Crager 9/18/2020, 3:05 PM (ET) (from birdky listserv) Pam Spaulding, I am still laughing out loud! Great job!
Steve Brown 9/18/2020, 10:45 AM (ET) I'm challenging birders to find lots of birds for the cumulative weekend list! We had a total of 190 species over the three days of our Spring Virtual Meeting. Let's try to get over 200 for this meeting.
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