Welcome to the Young Birders Zone

Activities for Young Birders, and Kids of All Ages!


Print, get outside, and go birding! Includes 4 different cards. Fun for the whole family or group!

Bird Banding Codes

Learn about a handy tool for birders. It's a way to help you be more efficient with checklists.

Monarch Butterfly ID

This slideshow will help you learn how to ID Monarch Butterflies

Kid's Bird Scavenger Hunt

A nice learning activity to share with young and beginning birders.


Look at some cool pictures of Dragonflies and Damselflies!

Bird Names for Birds

Try making up descriptive bird names!

Go Birding

Birding is fun for all ages! What are you waiting for?

More Insects!

Look at some cool pictures of other winged creatures!

Dot and Dash Tally

A shorthand method to count species for your birding checklists.

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