Kentucky Ornithological Society

Birding Archives

There are multiple ways to access reports and photos of birding activity in Kentucky. These include the KOS sponsored Birdky LISTSERV, the KOS Flikr Photo Gallery, and eBird data provided by Cornell University.

KOS Flickr Photo Gallery

KOS has a dedicated Flickr gallery where members can post photos and view photos posted by others. When you visit our Flickr page you can join, post your own photos, or just enjoy photos already on the site.

KOS Birdky LISTSERV Archives

Posts to the Birky LISTSERV are archived and are available for review and research. To access the archives, visit and you will find archives of Birdky LISTSERV posts dating back to 2002!

KOS Birdky LISTSERV Membership

To get timely updates sent right to your email account, you can subscribe to Birdky LISTSERV. When you do, you can receive updates posted by other birders almost immediately. A subscription also allows you to post your own sightings to share with the birding community.

To subscribe, send an email with the subject line of "Subscribe" to

Before using Birdky LISTSERV, please review the Guidelines and Rules for the service by visiting our Birding Resources page. Click the button found there labeled "Guidelines/Rules" for all the information you need.


Most birders are likely very familiar with eBird, which is a multifaceted resourse provided by Cornell University and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. One way to describe eBird is that it is a vast database of bird sightings from all over the globe. Searches, reports and downloads can provide information about specific locations like Kentucky. To access this data you will need an eBird account and a bit of effort to find what you want. Visit for more information.