Kentucky Ornithological Society

Kentucky Bird Records Committee

Loggerhead Shrike - Eddie Huber
Loggerhead Shrike - Eddie Huber

In 2016, the KOS bylaws were amended to provide for a Kentucky Bird Records Committee (KBRC) with its own bylaws. It was created to give in Kentucky as fair and expert consideration to reports of unusual birds observed well as maintain the state list including common birds, well-documented less-common birds, birds that are still under review (additional documentation is deemed necessary), and birds extirpated from Kentucky where there is some documentation that they once occurred here.

The committee consists of five voting members; the Secretary (an appointed member of the KOS board) along with four members (nominated by a Voting Member).

The KBRC has the following responsibilities:

  • Determine the validity of records of rare birds from Kentucky,
  • publish annually in The Kentucky Warbler a report of its decisions,
  • maintain documentation of its actions,
  • and keep the official Kentucky State List of Birds.

After the Committee's decisions have been reported in The Kentucky Warbler, the records are given to the Curator to archive.