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The Birdky LISTSERV is a way for birders to quickly share news with others in the Kentucky birding community. When an email is sent to Birdky LISTSERV, it is immediately forwarded to everyone who subscribes to it.

KOS provides this resource free of charge to anyone who subscribes and follows the rules. To review the rules of use, or to learn how to subscribe and use Birdky LISTSERV, please click the button below.

Are you wondering, what is a LISTSERV? If you've been around computing for a while you might have experience with this very old, but useful, technology. You might not know much about it, or you might have never heard of it. If you are interested, click the button below to explore a bit more infomation on the subject.

KOS Flickr Photo Gallery

KOS has a dedicated Flickr gallery where members can post photos and view photos posted by others. When you visit our Flickr page you can join, post your own photos, or just enjoy photos already on the site.

Kentucky Bird Seasonal Graphs

Kentucky birders can use these seasonal occurrence graphs for approximately 300 bird species. Produced by KOS member Ronan O'Carra, these graphs provide information on the times of year that those species are likely to be encountered in Kentucky.

Links to Other Resources

The list below provides links to websites that are relevant to birding generally, and also to websites that are specifically relevant to birding in Kentucky.

Websites of Interest for Kentucky Birding

National Birding Organizations

Also of Interest to Birders