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Your donation supports our endowments, research programs and conservation efforts. We can apply your donation to our area of greatest need, or you can select a specific fund to support. We accept Paypal and major credit cards.

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General Funds

Select this option and we will determine the area of greatest need and apply your donation there.

Anne L. Stamm Avian Education Fund

Support educators and programs that teach young people about avifauna in Kentucky.

Burt Monroe, Jr., Avian Research Fund

Fund grants that support basic science research related to ornithology.

Gordon Wilson Fund

Assist with the publication costs of The Kentucky Warbler, finance and publish ornithological research, and fund fellowships and scholarships.

Virginia and Wendell Kingsolver Scholarship Fund

At this time, the Virginia & Wendell Kingsolver Scholarship Fund is well funded and donations are currently closed. Donations to the general funds, and to the other funds on this page, are still welcome.

To learn more about this fund, or to apply for a grant from the fund, please follow this link.